Post Election Blues? Hardly!

So I've been up all night watching history unfold. It has been a great night in the history of America. Despite our political ideologies- our great nation has shown that democracy is the best policy. As a gracious competitor, I've been wrestling with the thoughts in my head. I am happy for the other team as they ran a first rate campaign. They gathered a groundswell of support and stuck to their points. There was ALOT accomplished. Hat's off to Barack Obama and his millions of supporters. This is not only your night. It is a great night for all of America. B.H.O is now our president. He is now my president. I will not commit the same mistakes the other team made in 2000 when they set off to criticize, whine and bellyache about our president. Call me a boy scout, but that's what I am.

Our great country can finally put aside over two-hundred and thirty two years of shame since our fateful beginning. Since the day back in 1776 when our founding fathers declared : 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Today, on this day November 4, 2008 every American can see proof that this IS true. Not that it was ever a question- but all people of every race, creed and color and gender can see living, walking proof to remind them how great a country we live in.

You see- many of us overachievers have known this. Due to the values instilled in us by our parents and family, it has been truly clear that hard work, perseverance and tenacity for living pays off. But for those that have lost their way and have used the challenges and setbacks in their life as one more reason why they cannot achieve their dreams. Let this night, let this historical accomplishment serve as a wake up call that YES- you too can achieve!
Because you see- we are all created equal. Most of us have the intellect, the understanding,the biological and physical capabilities to achieve. Sure our environmental surroundings may sometimes predispose us to a limited number of options. Sure-sometimes god puts a physical handicap or obstacle in our way. The one equalizer throughout all of this is human intellect, the ability to learn. So often people lose their way- because they lose the hunger to learn. Because education is the ticket to change. Change for yourself, change for your family... Opportunity. Let us remember this on this historic night. Let us never forget this. Sofia, dear daughters- you too from the day you were born have been able to become anything you want.... It is yours for the taking. I love you both very much. Don't ever forget that!


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