I've always kept a journal as a way to gather my thoughts, relieve stress , clarify my perspective on things and numerous other reasons. It's been a willing companion of mine throughout many happy times and some dark one's too.

With the birth of my second daughter coming in the months ahead. I thought I'd start this blog as a hobby and heck maybe it will be a best seller someday. But mostly to chronicle the trials and tribulatons in my life for my daughters to read someday. Perhaps someone else will read this and be inspired by what can be accomplished by a kid from the South Side of Chicago.

It's is funny what parenthood does to you. You start to think of all the things your parents and grandparents shared with you and compile them-cataloging them in your head for future use under the file listed as 'parental wisdom'.

So here we go... Welcome to my blog. Feel free to comment and relate. Warning: I'm going to be pretty candid so if something offends you- let's agree right now to disagree. I will be excercising my first amendment rights.

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