The First Step of Many We need to take as a country

I've been thinking about this for months. Today, inauguration day and what it means to me. We can get hung up in the cliche's (new start, reason for hope, etc.) but looking at a deeper sense of what the day symbolizes. The conclusion, I've arrived at, is that today is the first step that our country needs to take (of many).

Putting an African-American in the office of president of the United States is a monumental occasion given the history of our country on race relations. It is not the end all though. As I think of what good will come of this. The possibilities are endless. Most importantly, I am hopeful that it allows us to look beyond the obvious differences and focus on the issues that keep people of ALL races (black, brown, pink purple...) from achieving. The lack of education.

You can put money in people's pockets, give them 'jobs', but in the end- the true 'emancipation' is education. It is the ultimate provider of liberties afforded to those who put in the time to improve themselves. It adds a dimension of understanding and communication that you don't see in those that do not challenge themselves to achieve, to feed their minds.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not being elitist. The education can come in many forms. Interestingly, it sometimes doesn't always translate into getting 'the diploma'. The most beneficial form is the ability to understand differences (and overcome them). To obtain facts and make informed decisions. Looking back on my forty-four years of life- it is the journey that has taught me about as much as I've learned reading books. It is however, the combination of the two that have enrichened me.

So as a proud citizen of this country, what I am most hopeful for on this day is that we move beyond the restraints of race that keep us back. The excuses for why accomplishment is not possible. Be it real or perceived- that is the true bondage. I am hopeful that this provides people everywhere with the hope that they too can achieve regardless of their challenges. Stop the complaining , educate ourselves and live to the potential for which we are all born into.

Be proud and Celebrate America... this is just one step with many more to come.


Anonymous said…
First and foremost, welcome to the blogging world! I agree - but I think the more fundamental aspect of it all - people need to think for themselves and not be lead around. When people understand who they are and what they want the world will be much less complicated...
Joseph said…
Ditto Skipper- My friend Lou, I too welcome you to blogville! You are correct in that as education goes the nation formal or informal. While I believe in supporting one another, I do not subscribe to the government being the answer to all our ills and woes! The 1st step starts at home- then to our neighbors, surrounding communities and churches- then state and finally federal. This is how we were formed as a nation and we lose our sense of personal responsibility and accountability when we defer or abdicate to others in D.C.

Yes, a powerful day today and I will always remember the statement America has made today...then there is the rest of the story!
Lou Sandoval said…
Thank you to you both. I've kept memoirs on my thoughts for quite a few years now. You never know, someday you may see me at Borders signing books. Vist me from time to time as I have quite a bit of material that I'll be putting up as my day job permits.
Keep well.

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