Sports Rivalries

There is nothing that I like more than the start of baseball season. It starts for me around this time of year, once the teams have reported to Spring Training. Usually we get a break or two in the weather. Not alot, but just enough to tease you into leaving that heavy coat at home. To break out the baseball cap and lighter jacket. Sunshine! Ahhh. Have to love it.

For those like myself who are baseball afficionados, it signifies the start of a new season. Hope springs eternal for each of Chicago's teams. Now I'm not your average Chicago baseball fan. Having lived away from home for a few years, I learned to support my Chicago teams. To add to the anomaly, I grew up on the Southside and was schooled on the North side so I learned to appreciate both teams. But one thing is for certain, when push comes to shove there is nothing better than the old Cross town rivalry. All things being equal, I'll cheer the Cubs on, unless they are playing my Sox. If the Cubs were playing say, the Oakland A's, I would be cheering for the Cubbies. But when it's cross-town time- GO SOX.

One thing I found quite perplexing during the 2005 World Series run was how there were so many bitter Cubs fans cheering for the Astros. What the heck? What city do you live in? For the life of me, I will never understand it. I guess in a city that wears their politics on the shirt sleeves. Baseball is one more show of partisanship. Ce'st La Vie, I guess.

With that being said, I have my opening day tickets ready. I'll be cheering for the SOX. Come June 16-18 and 26-28 though, ALL bets are off. Cubbies fans, I feel your pain. 101 years is a looong time. Hopefully your day will come soon.
For now, put last year's catastrophic choke in the past and try to look forward. Perhaps the headlines will be different for you this October- Perhaps not.
I Can't wait for the sunshine, the peanuts, the beer and baseball!
Talking baseball smack and loving Chicago in the summer.


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