The Marathon of Sailboat Races

The 107th Race to Mackinac marked my sixteenth Mackinac Race- the past sixteen years have been quite a journey. When we started doing this race as Team Karma, we finished in second to last place aboard our First "Karma"- a Beneteau First 33.7 with a pretty 'rookie crew'. This year's race marked our 8th Mackinac win.  It has been quite an adventure!

 ~Lou Sandoval is a business owner with over 17 years Fortune 100 experience. In 2002, he left a successful career to pursue his dream of business ownership. Lou believes in giving back to his community and has also been involved in the Boy Scouts of America and serves on a few non-profit and professional boards. Opinions expressed here are solely personal and not a representation of any of the organizations with which he may be affiliated.


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