The CIVIL War of 2020- A thought on our current state of affairs

The CIVIL War of 2020: The often used chant is 'no justice , no peace' , the pragmatic counter to that for those willing to listen is that there will be no justice until there IS peace. Violent acts on all sides close down the conversation. Broad Demonizing of law enforcement by politicians in an election year only fuels the discord. The basic role of government is safety, well being and education. When people don't feel safe- we erode the fibers of our society and primal instincts arise. Until everyone can calmly sit down and listen to the other side- there will be no justice. I pray for our country.

~Lou Sandoval is an entrepreneur whose successful career transcends over 17 years of Fortune 100 experience parlayed into business ownership. Lou believes in giving back to his community and has been active on many civic groups addressing youth empowerment and leadership skills. He serves on a few non-profit and professional boards. Opinions expressed here are solely personal and not a representation of any of the organizations with which he may be affiliated.


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